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Rajesh Kumar

Rajesh Kumar

Lecturer Debre Markos University
Debre Markos University

Rajesh Kumar is a member of:

Rajesh Kumar's Education
Kalasalingam University
Advice to professionals
My advice to professionals in today's work environment is that "Be a multifaceted personality" and find the ways that will contribute for the growth of the society as a whole where losses will be minimized.
Role model
My parents and my family are the role models for me and they support me always for my best.
Language with embedded systems
The languages that will be mostly used in embedded system in future will be open system integration languages that will be more secured and safety for the system.
Area of specialization
The area that has to be more focused in future will be the security of the system as a whole. If it fails to do so there will be more catastrophic things which will tarnish the system. The best way to do security is decentralized way and the system should be a open system integration.
My view on India Technical development
When we say technical talent we have to think carefully in terms of percentage of how many are multitasking individuals. When we grow up multitasking individuals then the entire system will produce more gain and we have to do this in a balanced way so the attrition rate will be minimized.
Scope of embedded systems
There is always a great scope for Embedded Systems and also other systems that rely on Embedded.
My journey in corporate world
I have worked in many different areas of the corporate sector. Each and every role taught me many different ideas and personalities. I take all those lessons and now I do the noble job of teaching with pledges that the profession needs. I find more work in our environment that needs to be rectified.

Rajesh Kumar's Story

My recommendation
There are many books present in the shelves. But my kind suggestion is to imagine things around you that teaches you many things and take that knowledge and read the books that you like to improve the system as a whole.
Certifications recommended
I would recommend them to acquire the foundations very strong and choose their own ways of interest to grow up as a professional.
Couple of year from now
From now I have planned to work on how systems can be decentralized and how it can also integrate all other decentralized systems and provide the efficiency that is reliable and accountable.
My rewards
I need to share my knowledge to everyone about what I have acquired from the past and what can be done for the future. As a human being I have to balance my personal and my social responsibilities properly for the life to have sustainable and also responsible for future generations to come.
My Important role
My roles varies from bottom level to top level in corporate sector. I never restrict myself to one level. I work as a multilevel personality being a good and being a bad sometimes.
Money vs Job Satisfaction
As a good individual my most important thing is to balance both money and job satisfaction. The reason behind is that we individuals are responsible for our actions that we do and the consequences behind our actions has to be considered properly before we do some work and to make sure losses are min
My job profile
My profession is teaching. I currently work as a lecturer in Electrical Engineering Department at Debre Markos University, Ethiopia. My area of interest is VLSI Design, Biomedical & Wireless communications. I actively involve in many different programs organised by the university for growth.
My family background
My father is a farmer and my mother is a housewife. They live in my native village. My wife is a Software Professional and my daughter is 2 years old and we live in a metro city in India.
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