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Naresh Kumar

Naresh Kumar

Team Lead Alacrity Electronics
Alacrity Electronics Ltd

Naresh Kumar is a member of:

Naresh Kumar's Experience
Team Lead/ Tech Lead
Alacrity Electronics Ltd, Chennai, INDIA
My advice
I can only say that stick to your job, Always give 100% to what you are doing and make sure that you learn what you are doing. And be 100% confident on what you are.
My inspiration
Your previous question "We have so much technical talent in our country, Then also we don't see any single tech product coming out. Where are we lacking and how can we make significant effort to improve our countries technical aspect" is my inspiration. my Role model is people mother teresa.
Language with embedded systems
It's way easier to port a C compiler to a small platform than it is to port a C++ compiler. Also, C advocates claim that C++ "does too much behind their backs".So far, I’ve found bitC, Cyclone, Habit and Timber.All of these languages are a vast improvement over C.
Specialization area in Embedded systems
Embedded systems is a interesting field, as it sits on top of everything. You get specialization in any sector of Embedded system you will have a great future, but you need to have 100% control on what you specialize on, and that itself will lead you to a great carrier.
My prospective on India technological development
Reservation and working for salary are the two major problems. Talents are being sold for money to other country's.
Scope of embedded systems
Embedded system is ocean, and it has a great scope. i feel that what ever happens Embedded system will gain its strength and become more and more interesting.

Naresh Kumar's Story

My journey
Well, I have started my carrier in Alacrity and today i am leading a team,and proven record of building products and a journey in which i was always proud of what i am doing.Talking to different people, innovative products make me fell that i am doing what i born for.
My recommendation
Wikipedia and Google are the best teachers today. you can get anything you want here.
After 5 years
My vision dose not have a horizon. But yes it means more and more challenges, responsibilities and i am ready for that.
My rewards
Those accomplishments of which I am most proud are those that will never be seen on my resume. The accomplishments occurred not due to my direct involvement, but rather as a result of my ability to inspire and motivate those who actually require. In some cases, they may not even recognize it.
Important role as team player
Solving a Problem by own or with team, had always been there. But it becomes interesting when our team have a problem they look at me for a solution. I dont say i have solutions to all the problem but i say that when you have that dedication and responsibility on your shoulder you will find a way.
Money vs Job Satisfaction
Salary is something you negotiate once and take home once every thirty days. Job satisfaction keeps you happy every minute of every day. So ideally a good balance of both is required. But there is no doubt in my mind that, of the two, JOB SATISFACTION IS DEFINITELY MORE IMPORTANT.
My job profile
I am officially titled as "Team Lead", but i build the project from scratch to production. Talking to Clint, Marketing team and trying to give best out of me to make sure that our product will be the best in the available market.
My family background
My father is retired Army officer, and my mother is house wife. We have reached to the level what ever today we are is because of the morals that my parents thought me and our hard work.
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